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    Premix tank specifications
  • 500BBL
  • 50' long x 11'6" wide x 10' 2" high
  • 40k lbs dry weight
  • 3 phase, 60hz, 460v, 75 hp pump motor
  • 6"x5"x11" MCM pump
  • 6" venturi mixing hopper
  • 6" recirculation lines, hopper line and discharge lines
  • Three 3 phase, 60hz, 460v, 15hp motors and gear boxes
  • LED lights on each end of tank
  • Insulated pump house, heated and ventilated
  • All of our hopper houses are insulated, heated, ventilated and well lit.
  • Our premix tanks have a dual sloped bottom that drains to a sump, which enables the tank to be completely drained.
  • Each of our gun lines has a shut off valve and a swivel so it can be easily adjusted while in operation.
  • Each of our newest premix tanks has three 15hp agitators that turn adjustable height 40" mixing paddles.  Along with 12 adjustable mud guns.